We were looking for something to add to the You Scream Ice Cream Parlor menu that our customers would enjoy just as much as our Hershey’s Premium Ice Cream. Our challenge was to find a product that married well with our idea of recreating an old fashioned ice cream parlor.  One day while visiting southern Maryland, we stopped in a quaint antique store.  We immediately liked the store’s charm, ambience and selection of exceptional antiques and soon realized that our enthusiasm was because the store reminded us of our parlor.  As we were leaving the store, we noticed several shelves of McCutcheon’s country products which were slow cooked, the old fashioned way. After the first taste, we knew our search was over.

 We learned that McCutcheon’s has been making fine fruit products in Historic Frederick, Maryland since 1938. This family owned and operated business started with fresh apple cider, pressed in an outdoor shed to accommodate the needs of local farmers. Apple butter was added, and later preserves and jellies made from local fruit. The reasonable cost and delicious taste make the McCutcheon’s home-style products the perfect fit for our shop. Many of our customers are very familiar with the McCutcheon’s time honored recipes and have thanked us for adding their products to our menu. We have increased our stock for the fall and winter, so please stop in to see our selections. Oh…by the way. If it is not on the shelf….We can order it for you!

 Phillip & Rhonda